Ed Dibbles at the park

Ed Dibbles at the park

53 Salt Lane,

  07875 414060


We are a family of self-diagnosed 'foodies'; we were foodies before it was cool to be a foodie! In fact, we're pretty sure that we coined the phrase...

Our permanent home can be found ‘At the Park’ in Salisbury, where we serve weekday lunches and a Saturday brunch, all with our signature street food twist. 

With our gazebo and portable cooking equipment we can also set-up for all manner of celebrations at a variety of venues, both indoors and outdoors, spanning locations in the South from Somerset to Berkshire, and everywhere in between. Creating a relaxed atmosphere with delicious food, we work closely with our clients to produce a bespoke menu from our extensive recipe repertoire, so no two events are ever the same.

Wherever we're cooking, everything is freshly prepared using homemade marinades and secret sauces. Wherever possible, we try to use local ingredients, and always keen to reduce our environmental impact, we use compostable or recyclable packaging too.